Frequently Asked Questions

What are the exact dates for the next program?
We aren't sure because they are still up in the air. But you can use our previous program's Key Dates as a point of reference. Please check back in periodically.
Who is best suited for the program?
If you’re a creative entrepreneur with a strong vision, you’re exactly who we’re looking for.
We’re excited about teams that will use the tools and resources available through the program to build innovative companies.
When is the program?
Our 2021 program commences on February 1, 2021 and concludes on May 7, 2021.
Do I need to participate in the program full-time?
Yes, during the three month program we ask that founders participate full-time in programming events.
Where is the program located?
Our 2021 program will be a virtual program; however, all programming will take place on the Pacific Time Zone.
Do I have to partner my company with Snapchat?
No, we are a platform agnostic accelerator. We do not require your company to partner with or integrate with our platform.
However, there are opportunities to explore partnerships or integrations with Snapchat.
We don't really need the money. Does it still make sense to apply?
Money is only a small part of what Yellow offers. The program will include customized seminars, mentorship from across industries, access to future investors, and the possibility of distribution on Snapchat.
What if we're doing something expensive that takes a long time?
We believe great companies are built in small pieces. We’d like teams to use our three month program to lay the groundwork or continue building upon the foundation they have already set in place.
When and how will I know if my company has been selected?
If selected, you will receive a message from our team via our application platform, F6S, that outlines next steps.
Due to the volume of emails and applications, we are unable to individually provide status updates in regards to your application throughout the process. We appreciate your understanding. See Key Dates for further details.
What should I know about the program as an international founder?
Our 2021 program will be virtual - so you can access our programming from anywhere with an internet connection. Please note, while we’ll do our best to accommodate time zones for one to one programming, all programming will be on the Pacific Time Zone.
How will the Yellow Team communicate updates to me during the application process?
Please check your F6S inbox for notifications regarding deadlines, potential next steps, and final decision regarding your application to Yellow.
What resources and opportunities will be provided during the three months?
The program will include up to ten companies. Founding teams will likely consist of 1 to 4 people.
The program will include customized seminars, access to future investors and mentors, and the possibility of a commercial partnership from Snapchat, if desired.
In addition, Snap will invest $150k in each team that is accepted.
How do I submit an application?
When applications are open, you can find it here.
What criteria do you have for selecting program candidates?
Our decision making process will be informed by the application, the company presented, people involved, samples of prior work, and an interview, if requested.
How much do you invest?
We have a standard deal. We'll invest $150k.
Can a solo founder apply for funding?
Yes, absolutely. We’re looking for great founders, whether it’s just you or an entire team!
We've already been working on our project for a while. Is the program appropriate for us?
Yes, we’re open to applicants that have already made progress on their ideas.
We've already raised funding, can we still apply?
Yes, we’re open to applicants that have already taken some amount of funding.
Can you get us work visas?
No, we won’t be able to handle any immigration related matters. If you need help, we can refer you to legal and immigration services teams.
Who is this program for?
Yellow Bootcamp was primarily created for early stage founders (think: Series B and earlier). Whether you’re just getting started if you’ve been building and gaining traction, we know you'll find lots to engage with.
What is the difference between the Yellow Bootcamp and the Yellow Accelerator?
The Yellow Bootcamp is for companies looking for an engaging educational event packed with information on building a scalable startup. You’ll hear from the Yellow team on topics like fundraising, pitching, growth, engagement, and reaching Gen Z.
The Accelerator is focused on helping early stage companies get off the ground and gain momentum. Unlike Bootcamp, the Accelerator does include investment in exchange for equity and provides broad business mentorship and fundraising support. 
What kind of access and support will you provide?
Participants in Bootcamp will have access to industry experts and Snap team members during the three day conference. 
In addition to seminars and panels, Snap team members will hold a variety of office hours to answer questions from the audience and provide support. 
What happens at the end of the program?
The program will culminate in an optional pitch competition. Founders will apply to participate and a select few companies will be chosen to pitch live on stage, in front of the entire conference and a panel of judges. 
The winner will earn three months of mentorship (1 hour/month) from a Yellow team member, a pitch for the next Yellow Accelerator program. Look out for more!
How do I submit an application?
When our application is live, you can find it here. 
We host our applications on You will be required to create a profile on in order to fill out the application. 
Please note applications will be open until Friday, September 17, 2021 at 11:59pm PT. 
When will I find out if I’ve been accepted?
We will notify all applicants via email of their acceptance no later than September 24, 2021 at 11:59pm PT.
What is the application process? Is there an interview?
There are no interviews required to participate in Bootcamp. 
You will need to apply to the program prior to Friday, September 17, 2021 at 11:59pm PT. 
What if I’m an individual?
While most of our programming will be geared towards building a scalable company, we welcome individuals with aspirations to build to participate in Bootcamp. 
Can I send team members from my company?
Yes. We welcome startups that want to involve their whole team, or specific teams within a larger organization to learn from Bootcamp. Please specify in your application the members that would actively participate in the program.
When is the next Yellow Bootcamp?
The Bootcamp is a three day event over the course of three weeks. The programming will take place on Thursday, October 7, 2021, Thursday, October 14, 2021, and Thursday, October 21, 2021. 
In between sessions, participants will have access to the meeting space and educational resources. 
Where is the program located?
This event is completely virtual, though it will take place in the US Pacific Time Zone. 
If you are outside of the North American time zone, we will be looking to bring Bootcamps to different regions. Drop us an email at with your company name and location to register interest for programming in your region!
What language will the programming be in? 
Programming for this event will be conducted in English. 
We will be looking to bring Bootcamps to different regions and in different languages in the future. Drop us an email at with your company name, location, and primary language to register interest for programming in your region! 
I am based outside of the US, can I attend Yellow Bootcamp? 
If you are outside of the North American time zone, we will be looking to bring Bootcamps to different regions. Drop us an email at with your company name and location to register interest for programming in your region!
Do you invest in the chosen companies?
No, we do not invest in companies that participate in Yellow Bootcamp. If you’re seeking investment, we suggest you look into our Accelerator! 
Do I have to integrate with Snap?
While do will not be required to integrate with Snap, this is an excellent event to learn how to! 
If you’re interested in integrating with Snap, this is a great way to learn more about the power of the platform and the tools available through Snap Kit and Snap Ads! 
Can I integrate with Snap without participating in this program?
Absolutely!! Much of the platform is currently self-serve and open. 
This program is an excellent opportunity to learn more about Snap Kit and Snap Ads and how to best leverage them as a startup. 
What will the schedule of events look like? 
We will have a series of live and pre-recorded panels, seminars and interactive sessions between 9am and 5pm PT on each of the three programming dates (October 7, 14 and 21). 
What are you looking for in an applicant? 
We’re looking for highly motivated founders, eager to build great businesses with a thirst to learn from experts and collaborate with peers. 
Bootcamp is a three day intensive, so we’re looking for founders ready to put in the time and participate, to create a vibrant event!
Is there any way to learn more about this program? 
We’re so glad you asked. We’re hosting two Info Sessions on August 25 and September 2. Visit our Events page to register.